Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vegging In Orlando

Who would have thought? We (meaning my daughter and myself) usually dread going to eat anywhere. Why you may ask. Don't bother, for I am going to tell you. First and foremost, we are vegetarians, which in the world of food, makes us weirdos to begin with. Being green is another thing to add to the weirdo-ness of our make-up.

We are in Orlando Florida for an sci-fi, anime, comic convention. We have been lucky enough to be close to said convention...about 2 miles. We packed food, knowing how difficult it would be to find a place that could feed us the way we need to be fed.

As we rolled into Orlando amid a very rainy day, we took a wrong turn. But in doing so we stumbled upon a Lebanese restaurant. We knew this from the name of the restaurant, Cedar's. We found our hotel just a few moments later. We then hopped on to the laptop and searched for vegetarian restaurants. We found a few, but the reviews were very mixed. So, we opened all the places that fell into the vegetarian category. And #4 on the list was...yep, you guessed it, Cedar's.

Then it hit us, my son, who is not a vegetarian, could also eat there, knowing that this was not a strictly vegetarian restaurant. So I closed the laptop and off we went. Much to my surprise, this place rocked the house. What you have to remember, is that I am married into a family of Syrians. So I know first hand how real Middle Eastern food should taste. And let me tell you, this place nailed it perfectly.

Not only was the food excellent, but so was the atmosphere, and the help. They were friendly and a joy to be around. The place was decently packed, but not so much so that you were in line around the building. I would recommend this place to anyone who visits Orlando. Those who are even vegan could also eat here, for the dishes Savanah and I ordered, were vegan. BOO-YAH!

I am going to give you the address and phone number if any of you ever want to come for a stay and have no clue where to eat. And do not fear, this place also serves meat, so you can go with mixed company and feel fine.

Cedar's Restaurant
7732 West Lake Road
Orlando Fl. 32819

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