Sunday, April 10, 2011

That's Life

I can hear Ole Blue Eyes singing away. But that is not what I am referring to. And for those of you who may not know who ole blue eyes is referring to...Google the name. With that out of the way, let me tell you that I found this recipe quite by accident. And some times the best things come from accidents. AND, I found it on VegWeb, one of my most loved sites to find recipes.

My husband is home with a small injury. He is fine...hopefully but with him being home, he is getting cabin fever and if I do not have some healthy things for him to munch on, he may start asking for someone to bring home crappy snacks, hence my making 2 desserts today. One of them was my black bean brownies. And if you have not made them yet, then please do so, you will not regret it. And thee other was this new recipe I found.

If I am making a new recipe, and moreso on a whim, thee only thing I am looking for is if I have all thee ingredients...nothing more...nothing less. Well, this such a recipe fit that criteria. Now, is it the healthiest recipe in the world? Nope, but we all have our vices, plus hubby was/is not feeling well, men are such babies, and in the marriage contract I agreed to make him sweets when he was sick. Naaah, just kidding, but it sounded good. So now, on to this recipe.

1 cup cinnamon flavored cereal(I used Cinnamon Life)
1/2 cup sugar (I used succanat)
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
2 t cinnamon
1/4 t nutmeg
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup nondairy milk (I used Almond Breeze Vanilla flavor)
1 t vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease 2 cookie sheets. In a large bowl, with a potato-like masher, mash the cinnamon flavored cereal until it resembles crumbs. Mix in the sugar.

In a small bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add and combine the dry ingredient mixture to the cereal and sugar mixture.

Add the vegetable oil, milk, and vanilla extract into the rest of the ingredients and mix together until no more flour-powdery-substance is visible.

Spoon cookies onto prepared cookie sheets, and roll each cookie into a round ball. Bake for about 15 minutes (give or take), depending on your oven. Rotate cookie sheets between upper and lower oven racks halfway through baking.

Now...I did find these just a wee bit on the crumbly side. But no so much so that I would not make them again. And, if they are too crumbly for you, as a cookie, then let them be crumbles and sprinkle them on top of vegan ice cream. Ahhh, what a shame for a cookie to have to top ice cream, Ahhhhhhh!!!

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