Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Pay The Price

So yesterday was our 28th anniversary, yep and to the same man. Hector wanted to take me to dinner, but told our daughter how difficult it was, now that I was a vegetarian. Has he forgotten that he has changed his eating habits quite a bit as well, even though he has not for gone meat? Well, we find out this morning, just how much our eating habits effect what we do.

Dinner was decent enough. I, of course, pick thee only vegetarian option on the menu. Yes I could eat a salad, but been there done that. So I order the black bean veggie burger with fries. (I openly admit to 'loving' fries). My husband ordered some salad with blue cheese dressing and I think small fried chicken strips. Trust me when I say there was more crap in there than salad fixin's. And lest we not forget the dressing. Nothing beats the heck out of my fresh homemade dressings.

Se upon hubby's rising he made his way to the little boys room. then he found me in the kitchen making coffee and admitted that he now understands why we do not eat out. That is the price we pay for eating healthy. But was that a complaint? I'm still not sure. By eating at home, we; know what is going into our food, like what we eat, don't get sick from it, digestive track not out of whack from it, are not drinking tons of liquid to flush out the excess sodium in whatever we ate.

But all in all it was a great experience. Oh and since it was a sports bar, I got, on a huge screen TV nothing but that UFC fighting. How glorious to view a bunch of @$%&(# trying to beat the living snot out of one another while I am trying to eat. Not to self. No more sports bars.

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Maria Rose said...

I agree, going out to it is not all it's chalked up to be. My hubby and I are both vegan and it's just much more satisfying to eat at home.