Friday, July 17, 2009

What Would You Like With Your Fast Food?

Fast Food: Would You Like 1,000 Calories with That?

Could someone tell me why any company/restaurant would even make a meal with that many calories. If I am not mistaken the AMA says we should eat on average a 2,000 calorie diet, which of course should not be laden with fat calories. And yet you walk into any fast food joint and their dishes are a majority of fat. Not good. I prefer my calories to come from veggies and even those who still consume meat, yes there are leaner types of meat to consume. Trust me when I say you do not need to eat a double-cheese-triple bacon- two stacker burger. Oh...yeah there is a half a leaf of lettuce on there, maybe 2 pickles and a slice of tomato. Woooooeee!

I love watching the commercials for the fast food joints, for they portray their consumers as lean, healthy vibrant folks. And yet, if you sit and watch the type of folks that do frequent those establishments, you would be hard pressed to see anyone coming form the gym to stop by Mickey D's and slide up to the booth and eat a meal slathered in fat and calories.

I have taken the liberty of going to a few different fast food websites and looked up nutritional information. This is nothing I am making up, for it is right on their own website. And I have to believe, or want to believe that if some people had this information put in their faces, they might make different choices. But there are those few (and that few, is an ever growing number, that being overweight people) who may still never make that choice. So here for your viewing please some of the numbers of what is out there and the fact that we call it food.

Chicken Pot Pie=
690 calories
360 calories from fat
Total fat - 40 (That is more than a days worth of fat in just one small meal)
Saturated fat - 30
Cholesterol - 95 mg
Sodium - 1760mg (no, that is not a typo)
Dietary fiber - 3 grams
Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese++=
450 calories
290 calories from fat
Total fat - 32 (An entire days calories in just a sandwich)
Saturated fat - 14
Cholesterol - 130 mg
Sodium - 360mg
Dietary fiber - A Big Fat "0"
Pizza Hut:
12 Inch Medium Hand Tossed Style Pizza Cheese=
(I am going on thee assumption that most folks eat 2 slices. And that will be the numbers I am crunching)
440 Calories
140 Calories from fat
Total Fat - 16 gm
Saturated fat - 8 gm
Cholesterol - 40 mg
Sodium - 1100mg (Again, that is not a typo)
Dietary Fiber - 2gm

As you can see from a slew of different menu's, it is not the interest of any of these companies to give us anything healthy. And if they even try to claim that I would call them a liar to their face. I was also wondering if they themselves, meaning the top executives eat their own food. (I also say the same thing about the tobacco industry, would they promote their product to their own kids. Makes you think doesn't it?)

We have the power through our dollars to stand up and tell these places that we are not going to stand for the crap they are serving us and calling it food

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