Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now I Get It

I am now in the working mother category. Part time is all but let me tell you it still takes allot away from my day. I usually rise between 5:30AM and 6:00 and begin or finish dishes and or laundry. Walk the dog and myself, make breakfast, then get ready for work and am out the door by 9AM depending on which store I will be working. Some times I drop off AVON book to customers who are on the route I take to work, again depending on which store I am working.

Thee other day I came home from a good but long day which is totally on my feet and walked in and did not sit down until after dinner. The children had started everything I had asked of the, so all I had to do was finish what they had started, and still I never stopped. I made bread, which my daughter had set up for me. I rotated thee oregano, did dishes and began dinner.

By the time I got to my sofa to watch a bit of TV, I was whipped. And I told my husband, I don't see how real working mothers do it. And my children do not have piano lessons, soccer practice, church functions or much of anything like that for me to get them to. For those parents my heart goes out to you. For we struggle with getting everyone together for dinner as it is, let alone with activities to get to.

When do people have time to just be families. Do people even sit down together at the dinner table anymore? We do and love every minute of it. But it was my husband who pointed out that now he/I see why people get hooked on fast food. Whether it be the rotisserie chicken at the supermarket or the pizza delivery boy, or the burger drive-thru. It becomes the convenience.

There are nights we do not sit down to a home cooked dinner until nearly 8PM, and that is with children home to prep me for the meal. I can only imagine how a mother of three little ones has to do it and moreso if she is a single mom or the wife of a dead beat dad who thinks it is his only duty to bring home the paycheck (do not even get me started on that subject).

So now I am a bit more sympathetic, but still feel there is always room for improvement. We all can take small steps to better how we eat. Yes, it takes a lot more effort. And yes you may have to take an entire day and bulk cook, but at least that is a start. And how did the ant eat thee elephant? One bite at a time.

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