Monday, August 2, 2010

Eating Abroad

For those of us who have chosen a healthier life style, it now becomes more difficult to eat out. Yep, restaurants would rather shovel us a bunch of garbage and make a higher profit, then offer something healthy. But here is a website that can help you navigate your way around any unknown city.

I myself try to pack as much food as I possibly can, but that is not always do-able. So when you cannot drag your food with you, this is a place that can hopefully help you out in a pinch. If I had only known about this site before I went to Tampa last week, my trip would have been so much less stressful. But now i know for my next visit and for my upcoming trip to Orlando in November.

The site I am referring to is Happy Cow. It is so nice to be able to punch in most any city and find at least a handful of places to get something. But it much more then just a directory. there is a recipe section, community section and so much you can surf for. So give them a gander and enjoy the site. I know I do.

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