Thursday, June 28, 2012

Raw Cashew Cream

This is something we should all keep in our refrigerators. This is so darned good, it still amazes me that it comes from cashews and that it is raw...who knew?!

This can be done with a regular blender, but make sure that if you have an old fashioned blender, that your cashews are soaked A LOT. I prefer to blend my cream down to a super-fine. But blend yours down to a consistency that works for you. But remember, the finer/smoother it is, thee easier it will pour over your dessert.

1 cup raw cashews, soaked overnight
1T coconut oil, softened
1T lemon juice
1t vanilla extract (maybe more)
2T agave
Water, if needed, for consistency
Soak your cashews overnight. The longer they soak, the softer they will, the easier they will blend down and be creamier. Drain your cashews and add to your high speed blender. Process until smooth.

Add remaining ingredients except for water. Blend until smooth. Add water 1-2T at a time, as not to make it to liquidy. Stop when you have reached the consistency you desire. Remember, you want it smooth enough to pour over your desserts.!

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