Friday, May 22, 2009

Grab Your Bags

I saw this on Green Bag Lady. She is a woman who makes reusable bags for those who want them...and for free. She has slacked off, due to the high demand. Man what I wouldn't give to start a group here like that. She just asks for donations, sews them and ships them back. People all over the world have her bags. And people all over the world, send her material and money to keep her project going. What an unbelieveable undertaking. And what a great way to say thank you to Mother Earth.

There are times I forget to take my bags in with me and I am only buying an item or two. I politely tell the cashier, "No bag please." I get 8The look* and I tell them, I have my receipt, and that I do not need a bag for one item. What are they going to do, make me take one. This article talks about charging folks for every plastic or paper bag they use. YEAH BABY! Not me.

I even got hubby to keep a few bags in his car, and he uses them. I would love to see these bill/law implemented. Works in my book. BOO Yah!
Green Bag Article

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