Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not Just For Salads

I have known for quite a long time that vinegar is versatile, but so many folks have no clue what is sitting inside their pantry. I buy vinegar by the gallon, yep, you heard and read correctly. I purchase vinegar by the gallon. White vinegar that is. I use it for so many things that I would wear my fingers to the bone trying to type them all but I will give you a few examples of how I use vinegar and then add a few more from How it all Vegan. Sarah and Tanya have a few pages full of ideas on how you can utilize your vinegar, other than just your salads.

Let the games begin:
1) As a household cleaner- 1 cup of white vinegar to 3 cups water.
2) As a floor cleaner- 2 cups vinegar to 6 cups of vinegar. Use it on your floors, and use a towel to clean your floors with. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to mask the vinegar smell if it bothers you that much. But the smell dissipates so quickly that you do not have to, but it does smell nice around the holidays when my floors smell like cinnamon or mint. And, you can also use tea tree oil as a disinfectant.
3) Eliminate cooking smells. Let simmer a small pot of vinegar and water solution
4) Add to your laundry through the rinse cycle in place of fabric softener (I haven't used that or dryer sheets in years) And my laundry does not contain anymore static electricity that any other home.
5) Clean eyeglasses. Wipe each lens with a drop of vinegar.

Like I said, I could sit here all day and type away, but I will leave you with an article that Yahoo posted about other ways to use vinegar. Read and try, you will be surprised what you are able to give up and switch to and Mother Earth will thank you.

Vinegar Article.

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