Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Layered Taco Appetizer

Right out of the bull pen, I would like to say...WATCH COOKING SHOWS! now that I have that off my chest, let me explain. I was sitting channel surfing and I stumbled across Paula Deen. Now i know she is no where near healthy cooking, but I just love watching her. she reminds me of my grandmother (who happened to have been from Georgia).

With that said, her and her oldest boy were making a Mexican layered style dish. That caught my eye, for we love Mexican here (even if it is Americanized).  And when I see something on Food Network, I always try to see how easy it will be to veganize. I knew this one would be. So off i went trying to see if I had all the ingredients, and yes I did. Guess what we had for dinner? You are about to find out.

1 & 1/2 cups crushed tortilla chips
1-1 & 1/2 cups vegan taco meat
1 package vegan sour cream
1-1 & 1/2 cups salsa
2 avocados, chopped
1-1 & 1/2 cups shredded vegan cheddar cheese
Preheat oven broiler. Add crushed tortilla chips to deep dish pie plate or any dish similar in size. Then begin to layer the ingredients ( no particular is necessary) ending with the vegan cheddar cheese.

Put the dish in the oven for 5 minutes, then check to see if cheese has melted sufficiently. Remove when cheese is melted and serve. Make...eat...enjoy!