Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Favorite Cookbooks

I look to cook. Duh, otherwise I don't think I would have a cooking blog. But we all have resources we turn to in times of need, or when thee old standby is raking on our nerves and the tried and true salads, sauces, casseroles, cookies and such forth just don't seem to do it for you any longer.

Hello cookbook.

I have just a few that I turn to ALL the time. The make me feel like I know these people who have taken the time and effort to put their love and thoughts into a book. What an undertaking it must have been for these people to even attempt this, let alone go through it.

The first book I hold near and dear to my heart is The New Laurel's Kitchen:

This was the first cookbook I was given when I was a vegetarian the first time around. It feels like an old worn in shoe that you just can't or won't give up. You can actually visualize the home that these dishes were tested in and the love that went into this book. All I need is a cup of cider and a piece of pie and I am good to go with this book.

The next one that is my new found favorite has just had its 10th anniversary. This is How it all Vegan:
I found this by accident. I was with my children in Borders and where do I always end up? At the cookbook section. This one looked colorful and interesting. It was the retro style that got me to open the front cover. From that moment on I was hooked. So I bought for my daughter *cough cough...myself* for Christmas. The rest as they say is history. It barely leaves our counter top or is at least so close by I can put my hand on it. Try this one out ladies, you will not be disappointed.

The last is my latest addition, but well worth it. Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook:

Again a complete and total accident that this fell into my hands. I was with my children at an Anime convention and there was a library. In I went and my son found it actually. I browsed through and saw a $.50 price on thee inside. I inquired if it was for sale and was told that is was told my son to dig in his pocket for the change. This has so many recipes and categories that it almost confuses me...NOT! This was a great find.

Do not stop looking for a book that fits your kitchen. Try garage sales, rummage sales, church bazaars, the withdrawn table at the library. The possibilities are endless.

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