Monday, June 8, 2009

Purple Cabbage Optional

I have recently gone back to work. I am one of those demonstration ladies who hands out food in Walmart. I know, I know. But trust me when I say I don't eat the stuff, I just hand it out. When going back into the work force, I debated on whether or not I could work in some places. For instance, I had actually applied at McDonald's. What if they called and offered me a job, would I have taken it, and used that as my platform to let everyone know about vegetarianism? It was something I grappled with. But I got lucky, sort of.

When I tell people about the products I am giving away (And yes it is crap food) I do not tell them I think it is good, for I do not eat it. I do tell them however that others are loving it. I'm not lying and they are happy.

My latest product was Sara Lee's low sodium lunch meat line. I cut the meat up as instructed and laid in on top of a saltine style cracker. Then there was a hand out card on how to make thee ideal 'Hearty Ham & Cheese Sandwich'. Duh, if you can't to that by now, children excluded, then I hand out is surely not going to help you.

So I pick this thing up and read it, just for fun, and here is what I read: (Cracked me up)

- Sara Lee 45 calories & Delightful Wheat Bread
- romaine lettuce
- Sara Lee Lower Sodium Honey Ham
- Sara Lee Pre-sliced Muenster Cheese
- Sara Lee Pre-sliced Baby Swiss Cheese
- red tomato
- purple cabbage optional

OK, I know they added some lettuce and tomato, but why the cabbage to be thee optional one, why not the tomato. Many folks are effected by the acid in tomatoes (my heart aches for them). And why not the lettuce. I mean come on, who wants to be a rabbit (Raises hand...'I do.')

Do folks out there in the print up of recipe cards world realize that if not for the few veggies that omnivore do eat, they would be 'stuck' (without getting gross) Even when I consumed meat, I could not imagine a meal without a salad or some sort of veggie in my plate. I have always loved vegetables. Right now, there is not one I cannot think of that I do not eat. Some of them may need to be disguised, but none that I refuse to eat.

So it cracked me up when I read this for I would have been thee opposite way around...'Meat Optional'

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