Friday, June 5, 2009

A Pressing Issue

I love garlic. I like it in any shape way or form. And recently I am learning to embrace it more in its raw state. Bad with it.

But I also have this lovely garlic press I purchased on a gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond that was given to me a year or so ago. Wow, this garlic press. Take the time ladies (and men) to invest in a quality press, you will not regret it.

But I learned something recently about a garlic press. And yes, you can and should learn soemthing as often as you can. That is the joy to reading other blogs. I got this tidbit from Pioneer Woman. Man can she cook up a storm. I think she invented comfort food, right behind Paula Deen that is.

So here is the little piece of information I took away from her blog today:

"If you don't have a garlic press, no worries. You can mince it up. If you do have a garlic press, I have a tip for you. Don't peel the garlic. There's no need to. Just pop it in there and press. The skin will stat in the press and clean garlic will come right through."

Did you just read that? One less step I have to do in the kitchen. I was laboring over cloves of garlic at a time by slaving away at removing their skins...OK , maybe a slight exaggeration, but you know what I am talking about. So slave no more people. you can press away and still save some time in the kitchen.

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Chef Chuck said...

Thanks for the tips! I to am a garlic lover, I had grown 300 heads this winter. Yumm :)