Thursday, June 4, 2009

Uba AKA Grape

Uba( Oo buh): Spanish word for grape.

How can I begin to call myself the Cooking Lady when I cannot even tell the difference between fresh and old grapes. Well today I got a crash course from dear ole hubby.

We were sitting at lunch and had a bowl of grapes in front of us. It was mix of green and red seedless grapes. My husband then began to tell me and my daughter how he liked older grapes when he makes fruit salads at work, for they are easier to pull off the vine. So I asked him how did he know the difference between old and fresh grapes. I mean come on, he is a produce clerk and has been for over 10 years. I think he has a heads up on some of thee inside tips.

He picked up a vine and asked me to pick off a single grape. It popped off easy schmeazy. Then he asked me to pick a grape off the green grape vine. Whoa, what a difference. I had to tug at it. That mean they were fresher.

Also, if your vine is greener, then it is fresher as opposed to a vine that is slightly turning brown. Not rotting mind you, just starting to turn. And all this within a ten minute time frame. Who knew?

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