Monday, March 22, 2010

Raw Oatmeal Cookies

I snagged this recipe from Ani Phyo . I do not remember how I stumbled upon her, but I am guessing it was about raw food or from another cooking blog. Suffice it to say she is wonderful. She is down to earth and someone I would easily invite to my home and feel comfortable around.

I also subscribe to her on Youtube. She is just so cute to watch and see how she does things. She does have a few recipes on her website, but the majority of them are in her cookbooks. I will eventually be buying her books, but for now I just keep googling raw food for websites and blogs.

Watch her in action at a festival.

I tried to upload the video of her, but I could not get it to do so, so please check her out and make these scrumptious little devils.

1&1/2-2 cups rolled oats
1 cup pitted dates, chopped
1 cup of raisins
1 t cinnamon
Place oats in glass bowl with cinnamon. Stir together until mixed. Chop dates into a semi-fine mush. May I suggest that you oil your knife. We use coconut oil. Add dates to oatmeal mixture. Toss in the raisins. Oil your hands with coconut oil or with warm water. I used coconut oil and it lasted a good amount of time. Keep on mashing together by hand. It will take about 5 minutes, but oh the biceps you will have.

Once the mixture is to a dough-like consistency (you will know) then start forming them into golf ball sized rounds then flatten them into cookie shapes. Bada-Boom, bada bing you are ready to eat these puppies.

My son, who is the pickiest eater I know, tried a small sample then asked for a bigger cookie. Who's your momma now son? Yeah, I thought so!

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Eliza said...

I followed your comment to your blog- it's great! I made these and we loved them! I had a hard time making them stick together, so I maybe had too much oatmeal or something, but we'll definitely make these again!