Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bringing In The New Year

For those who may not have been reading to long, I have recently re-entered the world of vegetarianism. I had been a vegetarian back in 1992-1995. I fell off the wagon but rediscovered myself due to my already vegetarian daughter. She has been my inspiration. Who at 8&1/2 decides to leave meat off their plate? She did. I have stood behind her from point one. And in my joining her again we are rediscovering food.

We are adding many new recipes, many of which are vegan. That is not to say we want or intend to be vegans. I think it is possible if we don't leave the house...just kidding. But I can see the difficulty in eating abroad when you are vegan. You basically have to take a cooler and box of food with you. I knew it was not a veggie friendly world, but since joining my daughter, I see the world through the eyes she has been using for the last 6 some odd years. People don't even give it another thought to add beef broth to rice to gain flavor, or add gelatin to a dessert. The list goes on. I used to think I might offend people when I ask what is in a specific dish, but I no longer feel that way.

We have chosen a way of life, but I stand by our decision. There are some folks who have even suggested that my daughter give up her vegetarianism. Why would some one do that. Would you give up watching TV because I asked you even though it was something I did not believe in? I thought so. So why encroach on what my daughter knows to be right. And why is so threatening that she does not eat meat. Does it let people see how off their diet is? Maybe. I never told them their eating choices were bad, but they feel guilty all the same.

I believe the old adage, "You are what you eat." Just look at the people who drive through most fast food burger joints. Then look at the fast food burger commercials. Most folks driving through are definitely not working for Ford Model Agency. And yet they portray them as such. Gimme a flipping break. Who are they trying to fool. Not me and not my daughter.

I wish for everyone to have the year of 2009 to be what they need it to be, not want, but need. For what you need, I do not, and want's are just that...want's. Those are the things we can live without. So may your new year be filled with good health, prosperity and a plethora of good food.

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