Friday, December 26, 2008

We Just Had To Try

Well, I and hubby did it. Yeah, we ate meat when we shouldn't have. But there is a silver lining to this ordeal. Yeah, if eating meat could have a silver lining.

We have, for the last few years, split the holidays. Let me explain. We used to share the food making on Thanksgiving and Christmas. But with all due respect, I just could not fathom having black beans and rice on Thanksgiving...back then. I was a traditional kind of girl. So we decided I would take Thanksgiving, since I was off from work and my mother-in-law was always home, she would take Christmas Eve, since I usually worked that holiday.

Since going vegetarian, I did not feel the need to have Turkey this year, but afterwards, I was craving a turkey sandwich...had one and did not enjoy it.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve!

Traditional meal for Cubans on Christmas Eve is roasted pork (with great marinade), black beans, rice, plantains, yucca, flan, bread. I was debating on whether or not I would sample the pork. Back and forth I went. But when I sat down to dinner I could not resist the temptation. The pork went on the plate. It was not all that great. Either it was not cooked as good in years past, or I was just not feeling it any longer.

My husband had some as well. Even though he recently gave up red meat, he still tried the pork this year. Well, low and behold, both of us are regretting it now. We have been visiting the bathroom waaaay too much.

We have now both pledged to swear off of pork, no matter what anyone says.


Permission to Mother said...

My boundry this holiday was to have something raw at every meal and I gave myself "permission" to eat anything else that looked good as long as I had the raw. We were traveling. Good thing I packed plenty of fruit and plain salad. The people who usually make salad either had none availble or had dressings on it I didn't care for.

My latin in laws made pork, also. Chichirone(?). I don't like pork and it did not look tempting. The turkey looked dried. Not tempting.

After eating so much veggies, fruits, nuts, in its natural state for the past few months, I watched meal after meal of the meat eaters eat the same thing and meat/poultry at every meal. One of my things is that if I ate the poultry at the holiday meal, I was not going to eat it at the next five meals. I am so glad I am out of that cycle. Too many other things to enjoy.

The Cooking Lady said...

You know. Every time I have one of these episodes I no longer see it has a set back, but as a learning experience.

I do not think I will be having any of these again. I think...hope I have learned my lesson with meat. I don't know if my body has adjusted to not having meat, or if it really was not all the good.

For both Hector and I had a reactions to the meat this time. Well, you live and learn. Well, we learned our lesson, let me tell you...oh yeah, I just did.

Chef Chuck said...

Hello Cooking Lady, I am new to your site and enjoy it very much. That roasted pork sounds so good,and all that goes with it! Sounds to me like a wonderful holiday tradition. Thanks for sharing, Chuck

River said...

Hey, lovely Cooking Lady! Live and learn, I guess! I remember that a few months after I went vegan I ate some pizza bites (or whatever they're called) that had casein in them, and they made my stomach so upset for two days straight! Yep, live and learn.