Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Am Loved

Well that's a given, because I am a good cook. But there is another reason for my being loved. Yes, I am going to tell you. Silk Soy products has coffee creamer, but that is not the why I am loved part. Here it comes.....wait for it. Silk Soy Creamer comes in flavors. Did you hear that? It comes in FLAVORS! I am officially in heaven.

Now, I am not the coffee hound many people are. In fact I only have 2 cups and only in the morning and would easily spend mega money on coffee (If my finances allowed) just to drink in(Literally and figuratively) the aroma of great beans. But since I am stuck with buying cheap coffee, I can now pretend at least, that I am drinking Fanny bean coffee, when in fact Silk is the one getting me through each and every morning.

I am not here to sell you on soy products. For we use a variety of dairy alternatives, such as soy, almond and anything else we so choose to try. But this gives me a chance to stay away from dairy and it is all that much easier. So go, enjoy coffee once again

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