Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Not Dieting

These were the words that came out of my husbands mouth about a week ago. I was in the kitchen...DUH!, and we were chatting back and forth about some thing or other and he said, "You know what I just realized?" and I asked him to go on. "I am not dieting. I'm just eating foods and not portioning out my food, or weighing it, or anything like I have done all my life when trying to lose weight." My inner revenge person wanted to say, "SEE I TOLD YOU SO!"

But I stayed cool and said the same thing but with a bit more diplomacy. And then commenced to tell my husband that I was hoping his lightbulb would eventually go on the way mine had years ago. I have never dieted in my entire life. Does that mean I am a skinny minny? By no stretch of the means. Does that mean I weigh what the those stupid charts say I should weigh? Absolutely not. Those charts are stupid and unrealistic. You'd have to live on air and twigs to be that weight, and I'm sorry, but I love eating, that's all I got to say about that.

But I think he was genuinely delighted in the fact that he finally got it. We all know it, but so few of us implement it into our daily lives and then if folks hear of our 'weird' eating habits, we get all the odd looks and the questions of, "What do you eat?" And my tried and true answer is, "Everything you don't." And that isn't far from the truth.

People still look at me weird when I tell them I had a salad for breakfast. Who said, and in what rule book does it say that you have to eat pancakes, cereal, home fries, eggs and the such for breakfast. You guys eat breakfast for dinner don't you? Then why not reverse that. Have dinner for breakfast. There is nothing like left over eggplant parm for breakfast. MmmMmm Good.

But in a nutshell, my husband has finally put two & two together in the food world. He has stuck to his guns about losing red meat and pork and doesn't miss it. He still eats chicken and fish and that is his thing. He becomes a veggie man when he is with Savanah and I, so that is a plus. Thee amount of processed foods in our lives is practically zilch. He was having difficulty letting go of bottled dressings, but after reading Green Smoothie Girls introduction to her 12 step program, one of her steps was letting go of bottled dressing. I myself had done it months ago, but he kept holding on. Not any more. I just need to make sure there is plenty made up in advance, for he eats at least one if not two salads a day.

Guess I better check out my own side bar and get to making some homemade dressings. And look for my next post, I made homemade vanilla pudding to go into some banana pudding. Yummo!

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