Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Packin'

And I ain't talkin' about a 6-shooter.

For those who may not know or remember, I started back to work lat week. I am a demonstration lady for Boars Head Deli Meats. I know, thee irony. Anyhow, I am having a great time. Not because people are buying my product, (which is a good thing, because if they did not buy it, I would not have a job) but because I am where I do my best work, dealing with the people. Everyone has a calling and this is mine. Stick me in a cubicle and I would wither away.

With that said, I had a little epiphany/revaluation, if you will. My husband had a bit of extra cash so he gave it to me, being the woman on the road now. And I felt a bit special and bought lunch out on three different occasions while working. I do get a 30 minute lunch break.

On two occasions I ordered vegetarian sushi and it was wonderful, but the packaging made my skin crawl. And I had no where to store it so I may recycle the containers. So the guilt factor was way high. Then on the last day I purchased lunch I went to my favorite sub shop and ordered a veggie delight and splurged on my favorite junk food...potato chips, BBQ flavored. I decided on no soda and opted for water. As I was sitting there, I turned the chips over and read their ingredient label. And what do I find? MSG! Yep. So guess what item I won't be purchasing there any longer?

But in a nutshell I did not like how I felt after having eaten out. I felt heavy, bloated and as if I was cheating on myself. I told a dear friend of mine that if I had only a slice of homemade bread and a half a banana to eat, I would no longer buy my lunches out.

And lest we forget the expense. I ate out 3 days only and probably dropped $21 in total. That is gas in my tank. I don't know how folks afford to do it on a daily basis. I would much rather put my money and health to better use.

So for this puppy, I will be brown bagging it in a manner of speaking. And look forward to some recipes here shortly, for I have been cooking and learning to adjust to my new working schedule.

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