Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where Does It Go?

So Hector comes home from work last night with his eco bag filled with middle of the week produce. Yep, you heard correctly folks. I do my weekly dry good shopping, and then I hit the produce stand and purchase my veggies and fruit there. So I had estimated that we spend approximately $100 on dry goods and around $40 on fresh produce.

Then it hit my husband last night that we spend WWWAAAYYY more on produce than just $40. Then he commenced to remind me of how much he had spent on the two nights he had worked. For he closes at a grocery the produce department, so it is easy for him to set things aside and then bring them home to consume.

He tallied it up in his head and he calculated the $40 I spend, plus the $20 something he spent last Sunday and the $30 something he had just brought home. Gee Whiz, we spend nearly $100 dollars a week in produce. Most of that being in fruit, but who cares how you get your raw fruits or veggies, right?

Dang, $100 on fruits and veggies. I never thought we laid down that much money on produce, but the numbers support his findings. That sounded way too much like a study. And you know what? I am thrilled we spend that much on produce. So many people spend it on processed foods, fast food, cigarettes, booze, and a bunch of other crap, but we choose not to throw our money away like that.

So the next time I am in a conversation with anyone about how much we spend on groceries, I will proudly and with a smile say we spend $100 on dry goods, and another $100 on fresh produce. Have a nice day.

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Chile said...

Wow, that is a lot. I'm glad you spend it on healthy food instead of crap, but our budget wouldn't be able to support that. Luckily, I exchange labor for produce at my CSA so that saves me quite a lot of cash. I still shop for some produce that the farmer doesn't have (such as tasty avocados!) or to fill in a canning recipe.