Saturday, April 24, 2010

In A Pickle

I love pickles, sweet and dill alike. Always have-always will. And I know that fermentation is a great way to get foods into our bodies that are more readily digestible. And we here, in this family at least, purchase dill pickles in bulk. I had made my own pickles a while back and due to laziness had not gotten around to making them again and moreso because my last batch called for whey. Now I have talked to a few women about pickle making and they remember their grandmothers making pickles, but never adding whey. So I am trying to understand thee importance of putting into our foods. Enter Megan Telpnar.

This girl is cooky and cool. I lover her quirky, upbeat style of telling you about our foods. And she is how I see myself if I ever got into video making. Food is good for us, if prepared in the proper manner and then eaten as such. With that said, I finally got around to making these little devils only because I was lacking all ingredients at the same time. If you make these and think you will be tasting the same version from what you have been purchasing off the shelf...then stop right here. For that is not what you will be getting. Those are factory processed and nothing like your Granny use to make.

Thee only flaw to my batch of pickles is that hey were not dill-y enough. But no worries, I will just increase thee amount and problem solved. My batch came out perfect other than that tiny glitch, but that is the joy to making your own food, what works for one may not work for another. they are still delicious just not like the store bought kind. Make them, I mean come on. Fill a jar and let it sit on your counter top...really??

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