Monday, May 17, 2010

Food With A View

Sometimes I truly amaze myself with these witty titles. And if you don't get the title, ask me next time I see you and I shall explain. Moving on to more pressing matters. There has been quite a bit of buzz over the movie Food Inc. And rightfully so. We, as consumers, have been led to believe that what we throw into our grocery carts is food. I beg to differ. I was recently at a cooking event at a local high school. And I gave them a mini quiz...of sorts. I took 4 common things that are called food, listed thee ingredients, then let them see if they could figure it out for themselves. They were instructed not to Google the list and see if they could come up with 'any' of the foods listed...teacher included. Only one young lady got that one of the foods was a poptart. Other than that, no one could name the foods.

I then asked three questions, which is lately, becoming my new mantra. And here is what I ask people when they question my eating choices (see, I did not have to say diet):

1) Can you read and pronounce the list of ingredients on the back of any given food product in your cupboard/pantry?
Answer: No body admitted to being able to read any label in their pantry. So thee answer was a resounding no.

2) Would you have said ingredients in your own cupboard/pantry?
Answer: And again, no one fessed up to having high fructose corn syrup, let alone sodium stearoyl lactylate on their shelves at home. So again that answer was a hearty no.

3) Would your great grandmother recognize it as real food?
Answer: and of course the answer was no.

I no longer have to be the food police. I just show people what is out there and they take any or all of that information and do with it as they so please. If they choose to put on blinders then so be it, but it is not because I have not informed them. Do your own research, see what is being done to our food. In a word, it has been and is being bastardized. Major corporations like Monsanto are genetically modifying our food, just to it can resist certain bugs during the growing season. Plants are being manipulated to be able to let them grow on the same patch of land over and over again. Guess these big agri-businesses never heard of crop rotation.

I am going to give you a list of some of the films I have seen and will be seeing in the fore seeable future, to get me up to speed about our food industry. We, as consumers, have the power to bring any company to their knees. Want to know how? Thee almighty dollar. I know a dear friend of mine will not purchase any food if they give microwave instructions on their box. And yes, you guessed it, she does not use a microwave, but then neither do I. I will not purchase anything from Kraft. For they are partnered with Phillip Morris and I will not support the tobacco industry. So bye bye went my Boca Burgers. Yes, Boca Burger's are owned by Kraft. Not in my freezer any longer.

Will my lowly dollar make a difference? Probably not, but I plan on spreading the word and tell people to write to anyone you feel the need to. Your congressman, senator, food companies. You name them...write them. The power of the pen, and it is mightier then the sword. Hit them where it hurts, their pocket books.

Movies to watch:

1) Food Inc.
This movies tells it like it is and what our so-called food has become. There are some mild graphics so be aware you will be observing slaughter houses.

2) Fed Up
I tried to find a site with information about this documentary, but did not find any good ones. It is on Netflix and I was able to watch it instantly. Find it and see what has been and is being done to our food supply.

3) Food Matters
Heck, the trailer alone gives me gooseflesh. This film is sitting on my TV as I type this waiting for me to view it. I am so pumped up and will comment here on my blog. I have always believed that doctors, pharmaceuticals and lawyers are all in bed together, but that is just me. And why would doctors want to truly make us better? For if they did, they would be out of business.

4) The Future of Food
This film scares me into realizing how our so-called government is suppose to watch out for us and regulate our food for safety...riiiight!

5) Our Daily Bread
If you think your food is not being manipulated, then think again. Scientist will tell you it is for the betterment of things. My theory is, if you mess with mother nature long enough, she will bit back.

6) Raw for 30 Days
This makes me want to cry, and tears of both kinds. Tears of joy and tears of sadness. There is nothing better than to see someones light bulb go on. What truly amazed me about this was the emotional detox these people went through and only due to the food they ate. This is a very inspirational film. And we all know someone who is diabetic.

I have given you so much to take in for one post. And I will be adding more films as I go along. What I know is that knowledge is power and we are empowered we can makes choices and those will then become changes. We all have thee ability to do things with our lives. We 'can' change the choice at a time.

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