Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beef...It's What For Dinner


But I got your attention didn't I? But I did have this thought running around in my mind and wanted to see what you guys thought. And this goes for you omnivores as well. So put on your thinking caps. Most of my followers are either vegetarians (or trying to be) and or vegans.

Now, let's say you have invited some dinner guests over and they are devout meat eaters. I'm talking steak and potatoes type of folk. But you know that you can easily put on a spread that would knock their socks off and that they would never view vegetarians as twig eaters ever again. And I am talking soup to nuts type of dinner.

What would you cook for them? I am still throwing around a menu in my head. So I will either update here and add it on as an edit in, or comment on my own blog. But let's hear it folks, what would you cook as a vegetarian for a meat eater. Bring it on ladies...and gentlemen. Bring me your game faces.


Anonymous said...

Do you own V-con? I would make the lasagna or moussaka! Both are amazing.

Tara B. said...

I would make my "man pleasing casserole" (recipe on blog) or my Amish Brocoli Chicken Casserole, minus the chicken which is what I typically do, or with "fake Chicken" but I don't care for that stuff myself, but my meat eating son does.

A good lasagne is always a crowd pleaser as well.

Red said...

I would make my potato/kale soup, then Fattoush salad (or tabouleh), then either my mock meatloaf (mashed potatoes of course or a good ole set of oven fries to go with the loaf, or our stuffed shells, with some homemade bread and then ending with some sort of dessert. We have tons of cookie recipes, but are working on a 'real' dessert for when this day does arrive.