Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Not Titanic

You have no blessed idea what this post is going to be about, do you? Nope and I cannot tell you how long I pondered on a title for this post. But here I am.

In my last post about the ginger dressing, I had some greens to get rid of before they began to go bad. So, we used some left over Iceberg (there's your Titanic reference), and some collard greens, and some green kale. I think I added some grated carrots, and possibly a tomato, but then again...maybe not. Add what you people want, you know the veggies you like in your salad.

There isn't a green I haven't met that I haven't liked and this was no different. I thought for sure that I would have some difficulty in using non-traditional greens for a salad. But since watching a Raw Food DVD form the library, skies the limit in the world of food now. I now know form that video that there are SO options out there other than your tried and true 'cooked' dishes.

I have some posts in my head that are growing because of that Raw Food DVD. So stay tuned and see what you can see.

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River said...

Iceberg, right ahead! Enjoy your raw food adventures!