Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh My Stars

I love meat analogs. I know they are processed food, but they serve a purpose. When Savanah goes on a sleepover, she can more easily fit in if she brings her Boca Burgers, or her veggie dogs. But this again is not a main staple in our diet. Just recently we learned to make a Kick -A black bean burger. Wow!

But today I want to thank Morning Star Farms for a great little website. Savanah found Italian sausages at Walmart. I know I cringe every time we shop there, but until my financial situation changes, that is thee only place I can get my money's worth. Anyhow, she found the sausages and I knew what our next available lunch was going to be. So today we had Italian sausages on whole wheat hot dog buns smothered in sauteed onions and sweet peppers. But then I just wanted to check out Morning Star Farms to see what they had in the way of recipes. Oh my stars. I found this great little mayo thing that I literally slathered on my sausage. Check it out here

Again, we do not live on this items, but it is not to be able to join in when others have what we no longer do. And it shows them that we can still eat it, just not the same way you do.

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