Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Do You Say??

Just recently it has hit me that just about every time Savanah and I go anywhere and there is food involved, we get poked fun of. She takes it in stride, but it bugs me to the point I nearly blow my stack.

I stay calm mind you, for doing so would only bring me to their level. But I get tired of the tofu jokes. I don't sit there and lambaste them about eating an animal who has been cruelly treated and slaughtered just to be on their plate. I could, but I don't.

So how do you people handle all the jokes and ridicule from the same people, all the time about the same old thing. For I am getting tired of it real quick. I just want to have some quick witted remark to smile back at them with, all the while they are scratching their heads and thinking about what I just replied with.

Thanks for listening and am welcoming your responses.

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Anonymous said...

Ah sorry you're going through that. Honestly, those negative comments/views will never go away. The best way to deal with it is either ignore them (as long as they're not overstepping bounds), or invite them into an intelligent conversation about why you don't eat certain foods.

It sounds ironic, but I realized that meat eaters are offended by those who DON'T eat meat. Because we don't eat meat, it tells them straight out that we don't agree with them already and no one likes that. Just knowing that they do something that you/others don't agree with they'll get defensive.

My advice is to try to look at everything in a positive note. I know it may be hard, but it can be done. There are some really good advice on how to deal with those negative comments in Becoming Vegan. If you get a chance you might want to pick it up, if you hadn't already.

I hope this helps!