Monday, February 16, 2009


I swear it to be true. Savanah and I were grocery shopping yesterday and she was skimming the BBQ sauces. And low and behold she found one with no HFCS...I swear it. I practically snatched the bottle form her hand and read the front of the label and it touted no HFCS. So I flipped the bottle over and Viola! not one drop of the stuff.

We had never seen this in Walmart before, but there it was for the world to buy. Not that anyone would care or even get it. But try Olde Cape Cod BBQ sauce and see what you think. I would have bought it, but I have just made my own from scratch, but who knows. When that is gone, I may just give it a whirl.


Sherri said...

Thank you for your research, Cooking Lady. You are awesome.

River said...

Oh, I know! Every darn sauce seems to have HFCS in it! We found a decent one too at our grocery store, I think it was "Bandanas"