Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attack of the Killer Tomato

How did "B" grade movies make it? Has anyone even seen that movie? I have not, but I am guessing there is someone out there who swears it is the best B movie they have ever seen.

I am on a roll tonight. Banana bread from Plain Banana and now a Kick-A salad from Post Punk Kitchen. This salad was to die for. We did not have any meatballs, so we just used a basic salad recipe and added the dressing, which we cut in half and whamo, dinner was marvelous. And so much so that I over ate.....ahhhh, what a shame.

In my world, my motto is:

I like what I cook, because I cook what I like.

Get over to Post Punk and try this dressing out and trust me, you will not be disappointed. I might even have to make my eggplant meatless meatballs and serve this over it. Enjoy!

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The Cooking Lady said...

Veg-a-nut...if you scroll down a few posts I just made this post about the meatless meatballs about 2 days ago.

And get this, my super duper meat eating husband loved them and would eat them again, so we must have done good, even if we had to tweak the recipe.