Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Man's Junk

Well I seem to be admitting tons of things today. One of my loves is finding a bargain. I love Garage Sales, but since my back surgery I have limited my driving, and we all know the driving entailed with garage sales, not to mention the getting in and out of said car. So I prefer to do a 'One stop shopping' experience, hence the thrift shops.

I love browsing through what other people did not need. What I am ready to chuck out the door, others are willing to sit and catch with a catchers mitt. Who knew. I had purchased a few years back a salad spinner(something no home should be without) and spent probably 3-5 dollars on the thing. It did me good and made it through a few years. So it definitely paid for itself times over.

We, however, were recently in need to get some shirts for my husband and he needed them quickly and in quantity. You cannot got to Macy's and buy bulk without going broke, so off to Goodwill we went. While there, I am always scouring the book section so I can bring them home to weigh down my already sagging bookshelf.

As I was waiting for my daughter to finish window shop, my husband taps me on the shoulder, I turn around and what do I see? A real salad spinner(has flashes of Pinocchio). This puppy was solid as a rock, it wasn't going anywhere, and I swear by the style and color scheme, it came right out of the 70's. I don't care if it came from Little House on the Prairie, it was going home with me, and it did.

I have used it at least 3 times since arriving in my safe cupboards. I will not donate you like that last person did. So keep safe my dear salad spinner.


River said...

Awesome! A vintage salad spinner! YAY for reducing and reusing!

Tara B. said...

I need to head out to the thrift stores as I am in desperate need of a new blender, and would like a 2nd crockpot. I only buy used, very old crockpots as the newer ones not only don't last as long, they don't cook as hot.

Sounds like you found yourself quite a deal!