Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mr. Potato Head

My catchy titles are impressing even my(I can see my daughter rolling her as at that last sentence...Right Nana? Anyhow. to say I love hashbrowns is a gross understatement. I could eat home-fries and hash browns until the cows come home. But try as I might, I have never been able to perfect the hashbrown recipe.

5-6 russet potatoes(shredded and salted)
Vegetable oil

It took me a while to figure out that I needed to get rid of, squeeze out as much excess water as I possibly could. Well Eureka! We nailed it last night. I washed and shredded about 5 russet potatoes in the food processor. Then I put them on a cookie sheet, salted them and let them set while Savanah and I prepped the rest of the meal.

In all, they sat for about 15 minutes-ish. Man at the water they leave behind. I took them and placed them in a large strainer, about the size of a dinner plate, and physically squeezed the water out of the potatoes myself. I got musk-els now.

Then I heated up my electric skillet. You should have a large cooking surface when you cook these. Got it screaming hot, add a thin layer of vegetable oil(not olive in this case) and added the potatoes. Get ready for they will splatter the grease.

In the world of diner cooking, you do not even flip these. When you go to turn them over, you do it directly to the plate...I Think Not! I love the whole idea of them being crispy. So I flipped them only once and oh my stars we had the best breakfast for dinner this side of the Mississippi! Make them and enjoy them!


River said...

Mmm hash browns... I'm a potatoholic and hash browns are heaven sent!

It's true, they should be crispy on both sides. What kind of evil mind decided that they had to be cooked on one side only, just so they could deprive us of more heavenly crispiness?

alaina said...

i've never made hash browns from scratch; i wouldn't have thought to drain the taters. thanks!

appleleaf said...

Hey, thanks for the tips. I love hash browns too but have never been any good at them. I thought the only alternative was supermarket hash browns in plastic bags, but they have so much artificial gunk added to them. Looking forward to reading more great tips on this blog.
Thanks also for your great feedback on my cover too. It was a long process but we're pretty happy with it.

Tara B. said...

It took me years to figure out how to press the moisture out, but it does make a world of difference doesn't it??

I have a great recipe that calls for zuchini and a few other "extras" I will share later on my blog!

River said...

Cooking Lady! Long time no see!! How's the surgery recovery going?

Thanks for your comment on my Spooky Spider post! I made little pumpkin shaped thingies with the same recipe as the ghosts, and I used a different brand of peanut butter. This one wasn't as creamy as the one I used for the ghosts so I had to add some soy milk to the batter. The end result should be something similar to play-doh. Not too soft and sticky, not to dry and hard. Hope that helps! :)