Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Little Piggy Went to the Market

I am not a piggy, and just what kind of market was that little piggy going to anyhow? We live in a small town about 1 hour north of West Palm Beach. And yes, I can count. Anyhow, I have known of our local Farmers Market for some time now, but I knew I did not want to go all alone.

Low and behold (I use that I lot, don't I?), my husband had a Saturday off. Unusual for retail, but he was home all the same. We were up at 6 AM, pretty normal for us and I asked him a little after we rose, if he had been serious about trying out the Farmers Market in the town barely north of us. And he said yes. So off we went to the market.

It is set on the Intercoastal of the Atlantic Ocean and boy is it worth viewing. Many of you are already wearing fall attire. Not here, we are still in our short and our AC went back on. The humidity was killer. In October already, I am so over Florida. Now back to my story.

We arrived at 8AM, for their hours are 8-12 every Saturday, rain or shine. So there we were. Arts and crafts on one side and veggies on the other. We made our way past a smattering of folks who have no life, for if you rise that early, you are either old or without a life. My husband and I fall somewhere in between both groups.

There was 2 breads vendors. Always ask prices. Big mistake. I saw a loaf I liked and it ended up being $7. Heeelllooo. There was a bit of organic produce, but the majority was locally grown vegetables. You should have seen some of this stuff. Why am I not seeing this size produce in my stores. Dollar signs. It costs more to ship them, and our lovely retailers believe that we, the uneducated public will not purchase vegetables the size of this:

Yes, and that thing all the way in the back and all the way to the right is a zucchini. I could feed the state of Montana with that thing. We will be using that tonight with a Sandra Lee, Semi Homemade recipe. There will be nothing packaged, so relax, all is well. Some of thee other items in the photo are baby bok choy (Great in stir fries) eggplant, green beans, red creamer potatoes, tomatoes, nectarines, plums, and my oh my, I got taken on that bread in the back, there is a big hunk eaten out of that bread. Darn it, I should have gotten their number for a refund *As Cooking Lady washes down a chunk bread with some iced tea*.

This place was joyful, people looked you in thee eye and they even attempted to hold on a pleasant conversation. Folks brought their dogs and there was no need for Caesar Milan. I told my daughter that she would definitely enjoy Farmer's Market Downtown. We also surmised that we should arrive a little later than 8AM, for more than a few vendors were still in the process of setting up, so 9AM would be better.

We could also have breakfast there. Between the breakfast rolls and the coffee station I would be set for the day. But darned if I forgot to buy me some Spearmint. I grew that wild until this last year and it all died. I had gotten that mint form my husbands aunt in Cleveland Ohio. There is always next time. I use mint in my Arab dinner salad. I do need to post that recipe. Oh so worth it, trust me on this. And it is thee only salad my son will eat and eat it he does.
So go out, if weather permits and visit your local farmer's market and support your local farmers.


River said...

Awesome post! That is the most expensive loaf of bread ever!!

The Cooking Lady said...

Know this folks. There is a reason that Mother Nature has a limit on vegetation.

I nearly broke my Rachael Ray knife when trying to cut this zucchini. Plus, it had no taste value what-so-ever. The peel was so tough that I ate the meat of the zucchini but left the peel. Like a child having the crust of their bread left behind.

It was cute for the novelty of it, but that was it. Next time I will surely be purchasing the 'normal' sized vegetables.