Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memory-All Alone in the Moonlight

Crossing over to the vegetarian world for a second time has been a breeze. I cook more, I cook better and I am more comfortable and confident with my decision and why I chose to let go of meat this time around. However...

I will straight up say I miss some things, and not to say I would eat them if given thee oppurtunity, but boy is it tempting. For instance, the smell of bacon frying in a cast iron skillet, That just reeks of a lazy Sunday morning.

Fried chicken. I grew up in a Southern home, and that was a staple on our dinner table, along with the collards with some bacon thrown in and lest we forget the black-eyed peas that had a ham hock floating in it, and last but certainly not least, the green beans with some bacon drippings from Sunday morning breakfast that laid out all day. Do I miss the food? Not really, for we have vegetized our foods, but boy do I miss the smell of some crackling chicken in the deep fryer.

A backyard BBQ(and I'm still looking for a homemade BBQ sauce. If anyone has one, point me in the right direction). Sorry, nothing can compare. My mouth still waters when I smell them.

And the creme de la creme of best smelling meats is the Thanksgiving Turkey. I am trying to convince hubby that we can let it go this year and only have a ham(which my father-in-law purchases because he hates turkey) along with a slew of vegetarian dishes.

This post was not made to tell you all that I miss meat or to even suggest that any of you all out there do, but we are so connected to memories through smell, and that is a proven scientific fact. We are transported back to our childhood(good or bad) in a nanosecond through the sense of smell. I have good memories when I think of food, save fried eggs. But I look forward to the day that I do not crave meat just because of a smell.

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River said...

Hang in there Cooking Lady! You're doing great!! Plus you have your awesome daughter to team up and kick butt!
I always hated meat growing up, but I know what you mean about certain smells bringing back good childhood memories. Homemade bread does that to me! You know, when you're baking bread and the whole house fills up with the delicious smell? Yep, big childhood memory retriever!