Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Supposed To Be Healthy

OK, so I have been on this rant about eating healthier and how my cupboards are ridding themselves of the garbage that is lined with preservatives and such forth, but pray tell, there is a culprit lurking in the wings. It's peanut butter. Correct me if I am wrong but but peanuts are supposed to be good for you. But thee other day I opened up the cheap-o peanut butter that was in our pantry and I about had a fit. I read the ingredients

1) Peanuts
2) Sugar (but I bet they tout that it is not HFCS)
3) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (WHA T THE HECK!)(Rapeseed, Cottonseed, Soybean)
4) Dextrose (I know this is some form of sugar)
4) Salt
5) Molasses
6) Monoglycerides (Again, what the heck are these puppies)

Here was the weird part. Savanah and I had gone shopping this last visit and purchased a brand that was more natural, with no HFCS and one that we could read all the ingredients and actually know what they were. There were still sugars in there, but not the highly processed ones you find in everything else.

We used to be huge peanut butter eaters, but like other things since eating healthier, we have cut back on many things. We have went from 2&1/2 dozen eggs per week to under 1 dozen. That's a major improvement. So this will be the last jar of garbage peanut butter in our home and on to bigger and healthier butters.

Stupid peanut butter companies


alaina said...

it's disgusting what they put into processed food :( and sadly i do not much enjoy "natural" peanut butters.

Permission to Mother said...

publix deli has pure peanut butter with nothing else in it.

The Cooking Lady said...

Hector has reminded me of Publix peanut butter. So once we finish what is in the house, that will be our peanut butter of choice.

Does that stuff need to be refrigerated once we get it home?

River said...

This is really really annoying. And of course, the more "mystery" ingredients they put in foods the cheaper they are. All the natural, less processed foods are so much more expensive.

Anonymous said...

That's really gross. When we started shopping at Whole Foods more we'd buy their jars of PB which are more expensive but they're better. I think they put cane juice sugar in them.