Friday, January 9, 2009

Let There Be Herbs

Well in Florida we do not have to 'technically' worry about our growing season. In fact, while may of you up north are putting your veggies to sleep, we are waking ours up.

I had grown spearmint for years, and then all of a sudden thee entire bunch just up and died. I was devastated. I use that in my Arabic salad. Plus it is thee only way I can get my son to eat salads. Not that I am complaining, for I love our mint salads. (Recipe forth coming) so here are some herbs we have growing in our garden thus far and soon to added, will be our newly sprouted dill.

Here is the basil, and boy do we love this. Freshly chopped on a bagel with cream cheese, Yummo!

And this is our new spearmint. What was special about our old mint was that it was from a family member in Ohio. We had taken some roots from her garden and transplanted them. So sad.

The basil is also used in our spaghetti sauce, Savanah loves basil and our mint can be used for so many things, dehydrated, we put it in our salads, and it can also be used as a tea. That is next on my agenda to try. It is supposed to be great for tummy aches, plus who does not like the taste of mint!

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Permission to Mother said...

I'm looking forward to your arabic salad recipe!