Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Showcase Dinner

For those of you who have never been to Disney World, and never been to Epcot, their park is broken up into different countries. Do not ask me to tell which countries they are, for I cannot remember. However, some of the food there, is off the hook.

So, there is a kid (23 if I am not mistaken) that works with my son, whom we have known since he was in high-school. He comes over to dinner many times a year,(yeah he knows where the good stuff come from) and now he has a girl he is interested in. She is vegetarian and she has introduced him to PETA and he has taken to watching the videos on the site. His whole outlook about meat has changed completely. And he knew if he could take her anywhere for dinner it would be the Jalil household. She is a relaxed vegetarian yet still not consuming meat, but she still consumes eggs, dairy and the such.

So I found out if she had any allergies and what she did not like. Once we got that out of the way, the menu planning began. So here is our menu for tomorrow nights dinner.

Tabbouleh -Middle Eastern (Recipe soon to be posted)
Egg Rolls - Asian
Mac and Cheese - American Comfort Food
Southern Sweet Tea - Another American Comfort Drink
Moroccan Stew - Morocco (Duh)

I will be making chicken for my son and husband if he wants some. My husband will easily let go of meat if the table has enough options to choose from, so my son may be the only one eating meat tomorrow night. I look forward to having this young lady in our home and I hope by having her over for dinner and not serving some frozen dinner style veggie food, she will feel more relaxed, but then again we are a kooky family.


River said...

You're awesome for making an delicious dinner for your son's friend and his girlfriend! How did the dinner go?

I think kooky families are the best! :o)

The Cooking Lady said...

This was not my sons girlfriend...he does not have one as of yet. This was a girl that works where my son does and the boy that brought her here also works at the same grocery store.

So you have my son working there, as well as the girl and boy who came to dinner. I need to reread my post, maybe I totally mistyped thee info.

But for the record, she did not eat much and trust me when I say our menu came off without a hitch, the food was amazing. And truth be told, the girl looked like she could use a Big Mac...just kidding.

Savanah and I are both vegetarians and we have meat on our bones. I feel for those folks who do not eat a variety of different foods, whether you are vegetarian or not.