Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Does A Horse And A Radish Have In Common?

Not a darned tootin' thing, but horseradish is a great base to many a dish. I myself am a sissy in the world of heat, and I am referring to spicy foods not temperature. But horseradish I truly moderation.

I found this recipe via McDougalling with Chile and Friends. If you haven't visited them, go by and take a gander. While playing catch up older posts I saw a recipe for a homemade dressing, and for those of you who know me, I have let go of bottled dressings, however, I do not have a decent repertoire of dressing to keep my shelf filled with a variety. That is not to say the ones I do have are garbage, on the contrary, they are delicious. But I am always looking for that next new flavor. Well I have found such a one. If your will follow me to THIS blog, you will find the original recipe. I did not use it on roasted veggies, but trust me when I say that I will for sure next go round.

4 T olive oil
6 T white wine vinegar (we used rice wine and it is still delicious.)
2 T Dijon mustard
2 t horseradish (we used prepared)
Salt and pepper to taste.

I cannot wait to be Thumper (Rabbit from Bambi movie) and have a salad tonight. This is so good that you might want to try it over your ice cream...OK maybe not. You can find thee original recipe HERE

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