Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why I "Don't" Eat Out!!!

I'm sitting in my TV room thee other day and on comes this advertisement for some hidden camera show. And one of the clips they show is a kid delivering a pizza. He gets to the destination, has no clue he is being filmed, opens the box of pizza, then commences to shake his head whilst scratching his head onto the pizza. Closes the box and delivers the pizza. I swear I thought I was going to lose my lunch right there.

We however have quit having pizzas delivered. We go and pick them up now, but we do it for completely different reasons. Then my husband comes to me with another story.

My husband was talking to xxxxx and xxxxx told my husband that xxxxx was in the kitchen of a local resturant where xxxxx works and xxxxx noticed that they had sweat on some customers food. That was when my husband asked xxxxx why xxxxx was not wearing a hair net. xxxxx explained why. My husband then commenced to tell xxxxx that that was why we rarely if ever ate out. I highly doubt that eating out will ever be on our calender.

We have a toddlers Birthday Party to attend this coming Saturday, and first off I don't want to eat that crap and secondly after hearing xxxxx'x story about what goes on behind the scenes in any given restaurant kitchen, I will come home and make my own food that is dandruff free and who knows what else.


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