Monday, August 11, 2008

My Almost Vegan Dinner

It is not my goal to be a vegan, but I do not shun it if it comes my way. Well thee other night, just such an opportunity presented itself.

My daughter and I were trying to pull together a meal and I had a crockpot of homemade baked beans going and they were yummo (I will blog that recipe soon, so simple), and we found a chick pea/wheat berry/dark green dish from Ruby Red Vegan . I like dishes where I have most of thee ingredients, and this was one such a dish. Make this dish folks. Simple and filling. Scroll down a bit but you will see the wonderful snap shot of the chick peas laying on a bed of wheat berries surrounded by a dark green (We used bok choy)

So on our plates that night we had the dish I mentioned above, our homemade baked beans, some left over bow tie pasta our homeschool group had delivered and a corn/black bean salsa I whipped up. Our plates were overflowing, and what does my lovely husband come out with (So typical for so many men) "Where's the beef?" And yet, even though there was plenty of left over brisket in the fridge, he did not make any attempt to leave the table and warm it up, he sat and ate what was on the table.

Why do people still poke fun of a perfectly wonderful meal if there is no meat. this is my daughters father...the jokes get old very quickly! Bad daddy!!

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sunshineperri said...

My hubby is the same way. He has high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I try to cook healthy, one meatless meal a week and it still is a trouble meal!! The salt he uses on his meats also!! Drives me nuts.
I can't wait for the crockpot baked beans recipe!! Your description of your meal has my mouth watering!!!
Keep up the great work!!!