Saturday, August 23, 2008

Transition From Meat

Well I think I am doing better in my journey to becoming a vegetarian, but I keep getting pulled back in to the meat eating world. Why does everything (Here is America at least) have to revolve around a dead animal? Do I crave meat? Yes and no. Somethings I can let go with no problem, but other meat items I feel the need to have a little snippet of. I knew my journey to losing meat in my diet would be a somewhat difficult transition, but what is keeping me going is that I am not being so hard on myself. I keep thinking, there is another meal to tackle, and tackle it I do.

It gives me great pleasure to find, cook and eat new veggie dishes, whether they be side dishes or main entrees, it fills my heart and tummy to find such recipes. I find them in so many different places, but blogs are becoming my new source of vegetarian entrees. These recipes are usually tried and true, so you want to try them more readily. Sometimes we snag a winner and others need tweaking(I love that word) and others hit the garbage and never return.

My daughter is my greatest inspiration. She decided at the age of 8&1/2 to become a vegetarian all on her own, and her decision was based on ethics(How animals were treated before going to slaughter) and I have stood by her and applauded her since then. She will be 15 in October of 2008, she is my shining star. She takes more abuse and joking about her choice than she should. We don't ask people why they eat meat, so why should be subjected to the barrage of questions about her not eating meat?

So stay strong Nana, because Mom is hot on your heals!

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