Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Apple a Day

My husband brought this little flyer home with information chocked full of apples. I do not like to eat apples as much as I love to juice them and cook with them. I do like Empires and Courtlands, those are my favorites.

Hope this information helps you when you are choosing an apple to either bake or just eat.

For pies:
Golden Delicious
Granny Smith

For Sauce:
Golden Delicious
Granny Smith
Gala Fuji

For Baking Whole:
Golden Delicious
Gala Fuji

Commonly called the fruit capital of the world, Yakima Valley wasn't always known for its apples. It was the valley's early pioneers, who made their living raising cattle and sheep, who planted the first fruit trees with the sole purpose of adding variety to their diet. Then there was the weather; hot and dry with an average rainfall of only eight inches a year. It was the early 1800's when work began to provide the valley with ample irrigation from the nearby Cascadian Mountain Range.

Today, the rolling hills of Yakima Valley boast over 78,000 abundant acres of apple orchards. And right now, their harvests are at their absolute best. Enjoy them now because when peak season's gone, so is your chance to enjoy the best-tasting apples of the year.


The Cooking Lady said...

I do not have a definite recipe that I follow. But what I do find, is that people add too much water and then when you add your sugar you are getting even more liquid.

Ease up on you water that you add. Add it slowly. if you feel the need to add more, then by all means do so, but do it slowly but surely.

Same goes for the sugar content. You do not want it sickening sweet. You do not want folks running for the glass of water to wash down the sugar.

The one thing I want to do myself is rid my pie crust recipe of shortening. In fact I would love to lose shortening in my house all together, but I do not have enough recipes to do that as of yet. Small steps.

River said...

Such useful information! I never know which apples to buy for cooking different things. Now I know! Thank you!