Monday, November 3, 2008

Thank You Mike

I recently Emailed a friend of mine who is near and dear to my heart. He and his previous family were the reasons I am so educated about many things. Starting with vegetarianism, grain grinding, homeschooling and so much more. they were vegans and that, to me was a foreign concept. I understood it, but man, to be able to truly wrap my head around it was an entirely different story.

But I learned to adapt and held a vegan Christmas the year after Savanah was born. And truth be told, it was not that difficult. I even made a vegan pumpkin pie...compliments of Vegetarian Times. You have to realize this was 15 years ago, so that same recipe may not be the one I used. But man it was good. Grape Nuts styles crust, and silken tofu was the main ingredient in the pie. We all ate well. It was a non-traditional Christmas to say the least. We had many different ethnic foods. Who knew Christmas could be so entertaining, in the food department.

We have both since moved on with our lives, but I do not think Mr. C realizes how much he has influenced and shaped my life and how I feel about food. Food is a part of who we are and foods says many things about us as a person and as human beings. I am so very glad I have re-embraced my vegetarianism. And every time I choose a slab of tofu over a slab of ribs, life seems better to me.

I am a devout follower of thee old adage, "You Are What You Eat!" I still see people say that they have no clue how those 20 extra pounds got on their hips...all the while they are eating a supersize me meal from our local Mickey-Dees. Helllooo. I do have to come to my own defense and say I am not a judgemental vegetarian, at least not this time around. I was a bad name for vegetarians way back when. I am very different this time around. And I can give thanks to my daughter for teaching me to sit back and do not judge what others eat, even thought we as vegetarians are always under the microscope.

Back to my tribute. I want to think my friend Mike for setting me straight about food. I fell off the wagon for quite a while and a second thanks for my daughter who still inspires me to this day for her ability to stand up for what she believes in. Thank you Mike and thanks to my Savanah.

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