Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Am Weak

Yep I broke down and did it. I had a Turkey sandwich. And you know what, it wasn't all that. When I was pregnant with Savanah, I was a vegetarian as well. But I had a hankering for a ham sandwich about halfway through my pregnancy. So my lovely husband knew just the place. We made a bee line for a dive he knew about and let me tell you, that was thee best darned ham sandwich I ever tasted. Yesterday's turkey sandwich was not.

But I got it out of my system and just realized that I really do not miss meat as much as I thought I did.

We did however had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We had all the items I listed in a previous post, but due to the fact that I had a small turn out family and friends-wise, Savanah asked if ti felt like Thanksgiving. And truth be told, it did not. My home is usually busting at the seams with people...not this year.

There is always next year. Hope you and yours all had a great day with the ones you love!!!


River said...

You're not weak! You eating that sandwich was meant to be, so you could realize that you do not miss meat as much as you thought! Take that, stinky meat! :P

Tara B. said...

Well, you know I fell off the wagon recently, more than once though. Turns out I don't like turkey at all, so I was safe over thanksgiving. I've never been one to eat mammals, but I have partaken of chicken a few times recently...

The rest of the family has been asking for some of my old dishes, so I have been whipping them up. I have a little, but can't eat more than a bite or two. Guess I can't technically call my self a vegetarian anymore, but I'm not quite a full-fledged meat eater either.

My theory is we first have to listen to our bodies, if we are craving something, it is usually because we are lacking something it needs, second regardless of what we eat we have to do it compassionatly, considering not only the animals, but also the laborors and others involved in the food industry.

The rest is pretty much just preference and personal conviction.