Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mock Meatloaf

I miss meat. Not all of the time, but there are days I miss it. I openly admit it and still struggle when I make my husband and son some of our time honored dishes. Meatloaf being one of them. I have been scouring for a good one that does my old meat one justice. I have found such a recipe. Thanks to Happy Herbivore my daughter and I feasted on meatloaf and potatoes last night. We made our own potatoes and I completely forgot to make gravy, but I was in heaven. I did not change one thing and would not. It worked out perfectly for us and look forward to making it again in the near future.

There is one drawback though, Savanah took the leftovers and reheated them which was supposed to be for my cold meatloaf sandwich. So now we will have to make it again...oh darn!

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River said...

I love Happy Herbivore's recipes! That meatloaf might make it to our Thanksgiving menu!