Friday, November 21, 2008

Hearty Winter Soup

Well I snagged thus lovely soup from VEGAN TICKLES All I can say is a resounding wow. Now, for those of you who may not read this blog all that often, my daughter and I have come up with three categories to new recipes we try. There are the Keepers. Those are recipe you do not change one little bit. They stand alone ands should never be messed with. then there are Tweakers. those are recipes that you like, but something is just not right. Whether it be too spicy or not spicy enough or a herb that was not your cup of tea. It is a recipe that needs changing to fit your families taste buds, but the basics are there. And there are the Tossers. Those you throw in the garbage and dare mention you ever made that dish.

With that said this soup is a tweaker and for a few reasons. I am not a big fan of thyme, but tried it all the same. Next time it goes. And Tickle's recipe called for sweet potatoes and all I had were russets. I think the sweet potatoes would have been a great contrast to thee already earthiness of the kale, lentils and leeks. Next time sweet potatoes for sure.I did go to the website she mentioned and thank goodness for sites that archive their recipes. There it was in black and white. The site is a plethora of information so take a gander around and give Real Simple a shot and see what you think.

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