Thursday, November 13, 2008

Giving Thanks

How is it I always seem to stumble upon these little treasures. We have a health food store that just opened up about 2-3 months ago. It is not as large as Whole Foods, but so close it scares me. Just imagine Whole Foods, but shrink it down. Our little slice of health food is called Nutrition S'Mart. They have organic produce, raw milk and cheeses, a juice bar, bulk foods, and a plethora of other items that would take too long to tell you about.

When we do go, whether it be for an item I cannot find in the grocery store, or for a class, I always take what is lying at the end of the check out register. And the last time I was there I found a little free magazine called Delicious Living . Whoa. This little gem has more stuff in it then most peoples garages. I'm not kidding, and you know I am talking about your garage, for I do not have one. Well, the headline on this issue is Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu. And truth be told, I am a bit overwhelmed this year, and for a few reasons. 1) I just had major spinal surgery this past summer, but feel Savanaha and I can tackle our menu head on. 2) The friends and family we are inviting are devout meat eaters.

We are still going to buy a turkey, but I have promised Savanah we will purchase an organic, cage free turkey. But the rest of our menu is vegetarian and many dishes will be vegan. It is not that we planned them to be vegan on purpose, but if we have tried them and they were they went to the menu.

So here is our Thanksgiving Menu:

Green Soup If you have not made this simple delicious soup, then read the recipe, get off your hiney and make it...NOW! You will thank me in the morning.

Cous Cous Salad This one is becoming fast thee most requested sih in my home, especially at the holidays

Maroccan Stew This one is one my best friend found when she knew my daughter was a vegetarian. It is nearly a weekly staple in our home.

Mashed Potatoes (How can you go wrong with these)
& Gravy (And it's just not potatoes without the gravy, no matter what Savanah says)

Kale (This recipe calls for collards, but we have discovered kale and it so works)

Dressing (This is one I am still tweaking but will be up before Thanksgiving)

Cranberry Sauce (One of my daughters favorite, so it goes on the menu every year, and none of that canned crap)

Homemade Bread (We have been grinding our own grains for over a year now and we have never looked back.)

Pumkin Cheesecake (We will be trying this one before the big day, but we will be cooking it in a water-bath for sure, they come out moister that way and less chance of cracking)

Cream Cheese Pie (My mother has made this for years and I have kept up the tradition, recipe soon to come)

There you have it folks. Our menu for this holiday season. I look forward to seeing what you girls will be cooking up for the holiday.

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