Friday, March 20, 2009

How Do You Like Your Pancakes?

Well I thought I liked mine with a bit of butter and maple syrup and maybe with some sliced fruit on top, maybe some homemade whipped cream, peanut butter and jelly perhaps, but never in a million years would I have thought to put garlic on my pancakes. Wait, this is so worth the telling.

We made pancakes this morning and everything was going along fine and dandy when all of a sudden I get this garlicky taste in my mouth, but it is not super over powering, just enough for you to wonder. But I keep on eating. See, here is the deal.

Last night Savanah made garlic bread, and there was a bit of butter left over in the butter dish. Well, me being the ever frugal mom, did not want even a tablespoon of butter to go to waste. So I gets me my spatula and scrape that butter plate like there was no tomorrow. Little did I know that that was the same bowl that Savanah had used for her garlic bread last night. Hence our pancakes having a tinge of garlic this morning.

Do not attempt this at home folks.

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Tara B. said...

Yummmm...Garliky pancakes. I think I'll pass on this one..LOL:)