Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oy Vey...What A Bahgan

Who knew the treasure trove you could find at an Anime convention. Before we hooked up with my sister and her crew, my son and I went to the Museum part of the gardens. They had Japanese art, a outdoor cafe, theatre, souvenir shop and a library. The library had a wide variety of books, but it hung on the side of anything related to Japan...Duh!

So my son and I are browsing through some of the books as we always do everywhere we go and he spots a vegetarian cookbook. I go to where he is, pick it up and see that is one of the Vegetarian Times Cookbooks. Why, this thing was a beauty. Then something caught my eye, a tiny little sticker that had $.50 marked on it. This could not be happening to me, not today, could it be? So I asked. "Excuse me ma'am, but is this book for sale?" As I pointed to the tiny sticker on the front of the book. "Yes." she said, "Everything in here is for sale." Little did she know that I could give a rats hiney about everything else, I just wanted this particular book and be gone with it. So I dug in my fanny pouch and found a single dollar bill. "Here, and keep the change, for you have made me the happiest lady in the world right now." I told her as I glowed all the way out the door with my new cookbook.

I have not even had a chance to skim through it, I am still recovering form the Anime convention. Either I am old or out of shape, or a bit of both. I will let you all know as I begin to pull recipes from this delicious (pun completely intended) hunk of a book! Wish me luck.

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River said...

WOW! What a steal!! That's awesome, you always find the best stuff... and the best prices!