Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saving My Assetts

We have recently started composting, which I will eventually post about, one day soon in this century. But I have had cause to appreciate my composting, especially today.

I have been sick lately, and will cover that as well in an upcoming post, but suffice it to say I wanted to get as much cleaned with as little effort as possible. Insert children. My daughter took all veggies out of their perspective drawers and lay them upon the counter tops of the kitchen. The only item that was close to being lost was my 3 bunches of parsley. So I threw them into an ice bath and them puppies came back to life.

I ran them through the salad spinner and began chopping off the stems separating the parsley into 3 bowls, yes, 3 bowls. One was for tonight's tabbouleh which was about 85 %, the next bowl was for juice, meaning it was not up to par for the salad, and last but certainly not least was our composting bowl. Man, are we good or what?

See, nothing goes to waste any longer here in our home, or at least since we started composting.

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