Sunday, July 6, 2008

Liquid Laundry Detergent

Yes, this is a recipe. Just not with food. I got this from a friend of mine who knows how to pinch pennies(That is a good quality in my book) and this recipe makes a clothes detergent that is environmentally friendly. But beware, your whites will not be super white any longer. But if you have given up bleach like I have you are already use to the 'dingies'. My clothes are clean and I am happy. I do have to purchase some of these items in certain grocery stores. Not all supermarket chains carry these items. But I did not have to go to any speciality stores to purchase any of these items.

3 pints water
1/3 bar Fels Naptha Soap, grated
1/2 cup Washing Soda(Not baking)
1/2 cup Borax
2 gallon bucket
1 quart hot water
Hot water
Mix Fels Naptha soap in a saucepan with 3 pints of water, and heat on low until dissolved. Stir in Washing Soda and Borax. Stir until thickened, and then remove from heat. Add 1 quart hot water to 2 gallon bucket. Add soap mixture, and mix well. Fill bucket with hot water and mix well. Set aside for 24 hours, or until mixture thickens. Use 1/2 cup of mixture per load.

**A few things I have learned since making this mixture. It is usually ready within the 24 hour limit. However, once the mixture is complete, it is very clumpy and gooey, all at the same time. I have been able to somewhat remedy this by smooshing(I like that word) it through a fine, yet large strainer(I found mine at a flea market). I used to just squeeze it with my hands, but that was messy and did not do as good a job as pushing it through the strainer. Also, as you come to the end of you mixture, you will see that it may not flow through your old detergent container(We kept an old large container and that works fine) as it comes to the end/bottom. At that point, I have to open the knob and actually pour it out instead of pushing the release valve to let out the mixture. I minor inconvenience, but due to the fact that you are at the bottom of your mixture, the container is easily lifted**

I hope all of this makes sense, and if not please feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy!

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Whimsy T said...

There is actually a very informative article here about the difference between washing soda and baking soda, and how it's actually BETTER to use BAKING soda as it's not as caustic. Check out that article and then make an informed decision. Otherwise, it sounds like a good "recipe" I might try, IF I can find that Fels Naptha soap.